by David Petronis

The aid is pouring in for Katrina relief now. Some good always comes from tragedy. India and Pakistan have agreed to split a relief campaign. Pakistan is sending more Paki’s to operate even more Seven-11 and other quick stop gas stations and Indi’s are being sent to buy and run the gulf coast motels. It was heard that all they needed was scraping out of some Mississippi mud and they’d be just fine. All profits to be donated to families and relatives back home.

Japan and China are sending fishing fleets to catch floating furniture and will drag the delta for metals and iron so they can reprocess the scrap to ship back to the American people in the form of statues of the middle finger pointing to the heavens. This sign of symbolism will enter thru the newly renovated Port of New Orleans created by the American taxpayers.

Hollywood sent Sean Penn to the rescue, who then needed to be rescued. They also are producing a new music tour properly named Band Aid for Disaster Relief, or BADR for short. Some NRA members are sending bullets for BAR’s to cops to quell gangs for immediate use in the street to street relief. They’re the ones getting my money.

Funny we had not seen the leaders of the dark side down in the New Orleans slums and projects driving buses to get their people out. I thought busing was their favorite issue. Oh, that’s right; it was for schools not for saving lives. Where were Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Mayor Ray Nagin and Charlie Rangel when the tragedy was about to unfold? Not driving buses to New Orleans, that’s for sure. Sharpton was busy hugging the traitorous mother in Texas, Jackson was kissing a communist in Venezuela, Mayor Ray Nagin was evacuating himself to Baton Rouge and yelling for everyone else to run to the Superdome and Charlie Rangel wasn’t even heard from – hard to believe – until the complaining period. And, as usual, all the dems and libs got together and now want to form a commission to complain about how bad the Republicans are.

Many of us white folks are now looked upon as racist evil doers because we see things clearly. If we are to be called racists, let me tell you what I saw from my white perspective. Instead of helping poor colored folks, I saw the more important colored folks leaving the threatened area or not venturing into it and evacuating the poor and infirmed. I saw and heard complaints from these same blacks about how the white “government” didn’t do anything, meaning the Bush administration. The black government of Louisiana was in charge of New Orleans and still is, the white masters in Washington can’t help until asked. Local relief is a local problem and should be handled by locals with help from Washington when requested. You do remember that President Bush created an Emergency Response and Disaster Area even before the hurricane hit. This was so the locals could ask for help and get it faster. Guess who didn’t have a plan. Guess who let their own people stay in the path and wake of disaster. When buses were needed guess whom had hundreds parked in the low water line when the levee was breached?

With the democrats telling the colored folk that they will take care of them for these past fifty years and with their creation of a welfare state – both in fact and in mind set - why would anyone think most of these poor blacks could think for themselves anymore? Why try to get out of the way on their own? “Someone will come get us!” Well folks, someone didn’t. All the someone’s left.

I’m sorry, but if I know a category four or five hurricane is coming and I’m already six feet below ground level – I ain’t staying! Especially not in an attic without a chain saw or crowbar.

Could it be that these people might have been dependent on the rest of the people just a bit too long? The younger ones probably don’t even know what a crowbar is but they know how to get a gun and turn into professional gang members and now looters. At least they took initiative, a wondrous thought as I see them in my sight picture. What a dilemma, are we actually shooting the ones that show promise? Finally, those stranded folks are walking or boating out of the inner city of New Orleans, the rest see too much of an opportunity not to stay around. I have at least six families of relatives in the New Orleans area and you know what? They all got out before the storm hit. They all have damaged homes. None are blaming George Bush for a relentless and daunting Act of God.

I personally lived thru a tornado. My home was a disaster area and I screamed at the press and politicians as they all drove by gawking while the authorities kept my family out, unable to bring in help and equipment. For several days and nights we lived thru it but no Salvation Army, no Red Cross and no electricity. Eventually, the National Guard came and restoration began. I know personally of the upset lives. But we managed. Neighbor helped neighbor and we helped ourselves. Some looters tried it too but were discouraged.

South Africa, France and even Cuba are offering to send relief help for Katrina victims. Sorry, “refugees,” it sounds so much more sinister here in the USA. They can’t believe the white government let all those colored people die or live in misery in the world of the great Satan. I have one request for aid from these countries. Please ask all these poor people if they would like to come and live with you’all. I think I know how many would go, zip, nada, none.

Am I being a racist or a realist? I think realist. I also saw a young man – I think he was colored but what’s the difference – commandeered an unused, mind you, school bus and took eighty of his stranded Americans on an eight hour trip to Houston. And they all even chipped in on gas. I saw a three star American General of our Army get off a plane and start kicking ass to get things moving and done – I think he was some kind of other color than pure white, I cheered him on. I saw Army and National guardsmen doing the work that needed to be done, I don’t remember their colors – I think black, brown and green camouflage, I cheered them on too. But I’m still a racist, like all us Middle American white folks because we see reality, we see people helping others, we see people helping themselves – and we see colored people helping themselves to big screen TV’s in the flood waters of the Mississippi delta. Delta Dawn maybe had no shoes but she was still proud and knew how to help herself.

Am I a racist when I think that our borders should be sealed to all but legal immigrants who want to be Americans and share in our good fortune; the good fortune that was made with sweat, tears and heartaches. Welfare was neighbor helping neighbor, not government handing out checks to the indigent. Families – you know, man and woman, kids, etc. – helped out their relatives, not wondering if the government was going to provide for them. That’s the way it used to be, period! Not today, that is the way it used to be. Is reality, racist?

Perhaps the wake up call was long overdue and just turning over and going back to sleep isn’t an option again. It’s time to shake the covers off and get the hell out of bed with the environmentalists, liberals and do-gooders, i.e. Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton - and get America back to being America again. Get our refineries in action and new ones built. Oil from the Gulf and Alaska should be pumped to refineries in the Midwest and turned into American black gold once more. I can live with $1.89 a gallon for gas – but never at over $3.00! Build back America, buy American; Let my money stay.

I don’t mind a nuclear plant in my back yard if I can get real cheap electric power. Give and take is what we need. Clean coal can still be used and trees will continue to grow with conservation and best use of resources. And I think our money should be spent on railroads and new bridges instead of AIDS in Africa or military bases in Germany and Korea. Move them to where the oil is and drop a few nukes on Fallujah and Syria just to show the world who we are and we still can. Above all, let’s send these terrorist bastards to rape their virgins with Allah and I say, “God’s speed to all.” Is that being racist? You bet your ass, it is! Proud to be an American realist, whatever hue I am.

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